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Sharpen Your Woodworking Hand Tools

Lets imagine you have bought your woodworking hand tools, be it new or used. There is nothing wrong with buying used tools. I have many second hand tools and in particular antique woodworking hand tools.
So lets start with sharpening your tools. I am going to start with the saw, the reason being, it needs great skill and it may be better having it sharpened by someone else, someone who as the experience.
But there are folks out there who may like to have a try at sharpening there own saws. I would buy old saws and try on those first, its less expensive.
Each saw you have will be sharpened differently, this depends on its teeth. In woodworking you have a great many different saws among your woodworking hand tools and so lets look at a two in detail. A panel saw needs two types of file ( one for flattening the teeth and one to sharpen them), cramps,rulers and a saw set. The saw set is used for making adjustments to the angle or as it’s called the “set” of each tooth and as a rotating anvil which changes surface angle, and a punch which bends the tooth in the correct direction. The cross cut saw as special requirements, a file which is used to sharpen consecutive teeth. It is a skilled job which just requires time to learn. It is better learning as your woodworking career will benefit greatly and so will your woodworking tools if you can hone them yourself. Would I learn to do this and become proficient in sharpening my woodworking hand tools or would I pay someone else. When it comes to saws unless you want to take the time and effort to learn, I would say, pay to have it done, more damage can be caused if you don’t know exactly what your doing. If you would like a Free E-book download then you can visit my site/blog below.

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