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How to Perfectly Serve Food on Wood Serving Trays

How to Perfectly Serve Food on Wood Serving Trays

Food preparation can be time-consuming. It takes a lot of love and attention to cook something extra special. However, the most delicious dishes sometimes go unnoticed if they are not presented appealingly. This is why the rising trend amongst high quality restaurants of buying engraved wood cutting boards wholesale to use as wood serving trays began, and for good reason. Not only is it a modern and trendy way to present your dishes, but buying wholesale can save you money for other areas of your business.

Why use Serving Trays?

When we think of serving food in an unconventional way, we usually associate it with formal restaurants. This is because up until a few years ago, you only saw a limited number of restaurants investing in expensive serving trays. Luckily, things have changed. Thanks to a great variety of engraved wood serving boards easily available on the market, it’s easier than ever to make your food look appealing to your guests.

Beautifully presenting food is becoming increasingly popular in the restaurant industry. Whether you own a restaurant or are simply entertaining guests at a dinner party, put in a little effort by making your dishes look pleasant. Even if you’re at home putting out leftovers from the night before, presentation can make all the difference.

Different Meals to Serve on Wood Serving Trays

The concept of serving only a few specific dishes on wood serving trays is also altering. When serving food on wooden boards, go beyond serving only cheese and crackers.

The most popular dishes presented on wood serving trays are usually appetizers. However, lately more and more people are also using them to serve main meals as well. It’s easy to serve finger foods such as burgers and wraps. For dishes like fish, steak and chicken, get boards that contain juice grooves to avoid unnecessary messes. Spread out a variety of foods that complement each other to create the perfect look.

Styles and Techniques for Presenting Food

We may have convinced you that serving food on engraved wood serving trays is the way to go. You may have even already placed an order for your Wholesale Cutting Boards. But it can be tricky to come up with unique and impressive presentation techniques. Here are a few stylish ways of exhibiting your dishes to make them stand out above the rest.

South Asian Themed

Give a Indian feel to your meal by making use of whatever natural and botanical materials you can get your hands on. Serve up grilled chicken or lamb on skewers with a spicy dip of your choice on the side. Offer a piece of natural naan bread to top it off and treat your clients to a bit of culture.

Rustic Italian Themed

Most restaurants use this style to give food a contemporary and chic look. Dish ideas to try are appetizers like olives, cheese, crackers and sliced meat to make a classic charcuterie board or the perfect appetizer.

English Tea Themed

Go sleek and elegant by offering tea on wood serving trays. Use shiny, metallic cutlery and clean, modern tableware. A brunch would make an ideal meal to serve with this style, presenting an array of fruits, breads, bagels and, of course, a good morning cup of tea.

Select from a wide variety of hardwood cutting boards and choose the ones that go with your personal style to awe your customers with an impressive dish presentation. Visit Wholesale Cutting Boards online website and start saving on large cutting board orders today!

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