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Wood Working Tools Safety Tips for Beginners

Wood working can be a safe and enjoyable profession or hobby, if you take care of the basic wood working safety rules. Most of the safety rules are common sense ideas but most of the people are not able to employ those and hence result in injury. It is advisable to know the proper use of wood working tools and machinery prior using them. Here below, we have compiled some of the wood working tools safety tips that can prove beneficial if followed carefully.

Wear safety equipment: – Before you set out to work, it is important for you to wear the safety equipment’s. These safety equipment’s not only save you from the risks of getting injured but also safeguards you. Put them immediately when you enter the shop and take them off only when you are done with the work. Wear safety gloves, eye mask, apron, etc before you start your wood working task.

Wear right clothes: – When you are working with wood, make sure you do not wear loose fitting clothes, as you would not like your outfit getting entangled in a saw blade. Always wear clothes that are appropriate to your working condition. Do not forget to remove the jewelry such as bracelets, rings or neck chains.

Avoid consumption of Drugs and alcohol: – You should not enter into a wooden shop if you are under the influence of the intoxicants such as drugs or alcohol. To be able to work efficiently with the wooden tools it becomes vital for you to be clean and sober as the intoxicants can increase the chances of injury.

Avoid disruptions: – Interruptions and distractions are a part of our everyday life and wood workshop is no different. You may get distracted to something or someone when you are working with wood. And when it happens, chances of getting injures multiplies. Let us say for an example, what if you are distracted in between while working with power tool. Undoubtedly, results will be harsh. So, always work in a place where you can get minimum distractions.

Never touch blades directly to remove cut offs: – When you are working with table saw or miter saw, make no attempts to remove the cut offs when the blade is moving. Wait for the blade to stop moving and then softly remove the waste or cut offs. To remove the waste material, do not use hands directly. Always make use of a piece of scrap to remove the waste material.

Working with wood is not a cup of tea. It takes lot of experience, knowledge and patience when you are working with the wood working tools and equipment’s. Follow these safety tips and ensure safe and secure working with wooden tools.

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