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How To Build A Garden Bench – Plans Could Be The Key

Would you like to check out your DIY know-how and find out How To Build A Garden Bench?
Are you stuck for a place to begin? Constructing a bench for your garden can be an fulfilling project whatever your experience, you don’t have to be a tradesman or skilled Would you like to learn How to Build A Garden Bench and apply your DIY skills?
If you could use help with a place to start read on. Regardless of your experience, constructing a garden bench can be an enjoyable undertaking. You don’t need to be a skilled tradesman or carpenter.
Anticipate seeing your partner’s wonderment when she sees your handiwork.

Are you one of those people that has at some time been in awe of people that are able to create something out of a piece of wood? Do you always put off doing jobs around the home? Perhaps you are the last person asked to help others with DIY. If any of this sounds familiar you are just like me. However, I am one of those that hates to be beaten & do have a can do attitude So I got to thinking that if I put myself out and found out How To Build A Garden Bench it would be possible.

We had a deck laid in the garden a few months ago, I watched amazed at how easy the guys made it look, whilst I knew I couldn’t attempt anything so ambitious It did get me thinking that I would like to change the habit of a lifetime & at least attempt something..

After realising we had some timber left over when the job was done, I decided It would be nice to have a seat overlooking the garden. A place for my girlfriend to rest on when she was lovingly tending the flower beds.

Having set to work checking out magazines & a few web sites I learned a few tips to get me started.

  • Decide on the wood – You will be spoilt for choice at the woodyard
  • Tools- Get everything you need to hand before you start, if you have to keep running off looking for a different size screw or drill you will drive yourself nuts & could be tempted to give up!
  • Tip – You should wear ear & eye defenders when using power tools.

Decide what shape to build – as a novice I decided on a simple plank style

Tip – don’t be tempted to use old railway sleepers, unless that is you are OK with getting complaints from your visitors as they will leak tar & ruin their clothes..

Well my little project was pretty basic by many peoples standards. Whether you like me have limited knowledge or have carpentry skills that you want to challenge further plans are available.

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