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Hand Tools or Power Tools?

Hand tools are indispensable in any workshop. But power tools provide more speed, strength, and accuracy. Here’s a list of some of the most important power tools you’ll need for most projects–and why the hand tool equivalent isn’t enough.

Pneumatic nail guns. If you’ve got dozens or hundreds of nails to put in, a nail gun is a better choice than a simple hammer. With a pneumatic nail gun, the work will go more quickly.

Power saws. Hand saws are fine for small and indelicate work–like trimming or cutting a few boards here and there. But if you’re cutting a large panel, cutting into plywood, or cutting a large volume of wood, using a handsaw can be backbreaking work.

Power drills. Power drills can also double as power screwdrivers. If you’ve got a large volume of drilling or screwdriving work to do, a power drill will save you a lot of time and effort.

Routers. Routers are used to hollow out areas in the face of a piece of wood. The handheld equivalent is the router plane, which will do the same job and can be more accurate in some cases–but can also be more difficult and less efficient to use.

Power planers. Hand planes are ideal for smaller projects, but a power planer will save you a considerable amount of time and effort in a larger project.

Power sanders. Unless you have only a small or spot amount of sanding to do, it’s good to use a power sander.

Hand tools and power tools both have their place in any workshop. If you’re serious about woodworking and carpentry, it’s important to use both types of tools in the situations where they work best.

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