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Switching to Wooden Dinnerware

Wooden dinnerware is one of the most underrated kitchen accessories. The likelihood that you’ll find cupboards filled with glass or plastic dinnerware is significantly higher than likelihood of finding them filled with wooden ones. The reason why this seems to be the norm is because many individuals aren’t fully educated on the good and bad of dishes. We often tend to buy things that are trending as opposed to really doing our research and finding out which one is actually the better product to buy. Many individuals fail to educate themselves on harmful toxins that are found in dinnerware and how to avoid them. Thankfully, unlike glass and plastic dishes, you can purchase wooden dinnerware that’s made without any added toxic substances.

Choosing the right kind

Choosing the right type of wood to buy will require a bit of research. Since most of the wooden dinnerware on the market tend to come stained and sealed with chemical products, it’s important to find wooden dish sets that are unsealed. The safest products to buy would be those that have not been stained and have been sealed with a non-toxic product such as mineral oil or beeswax.


Caring for wooden dishes requires a little more attention than the typical glass or plastic does. Submerging wood in a substantial amount of water over time leads to the wood getting warped. Instead of being able to throw these in the dish washer, you will need to wash them by hand. Simply rinse the dish then use a bristles brush with soap in order to thoroughly clean it. If you’re looking to keep your dinnerware in good condition for as long as possible, then it’s crucial to re-seal the wood a few times per year with any non-toxic sealant. You can purchase an excellent combination of beeswax and mineral oil for only $14.99 at Wood Cutting Boards.


Changing to wooden dinnerware proves to have a significant amount of benefits.
The main one of course, would be that you’re no longer consuming the toxic substances found in both plastic and glass dishes. Many people also argue that once you’ve ate off of wooden plates, you’ll never go back! The taste of food when eaten off a wooden dish is surprisingly better than it would be if eaten off a glass or plastic dish.

So, throw out those old plastic and glass dinnerware and replace them with a product that’s better for your health and those of others. The difference is remarkable and you’ll wish you had changed earlier!

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