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3 Ways to Use Cutting Boards

A cutting board is obviously used for cutting fruits, vegetables, meats, herbs, cheese, and more. However, did you know you can use cutting boards for more than just that? In fact, they’re a great choice for different forms of entertaining and are sure to add to any atmosphere and be a big hit. Here are three ways you can use wooden cutting boards to make an impression.

Charcuterie Board

You can really present a rustic Italian feel with a charcuterie board filled with all your favourite nibbles. Olives, breadsticks, and a selection of meats will look amazing on a wooden cutting board, whether served indoors or enjoyed outdoors. Many Italian restaurants use this look to add to the atmosphere and will often serve antipasti on them; therefore they opt for wholesale cutting boards so they’re always prepared with boards for cutting and boards for serving.

Tropical Serving Board

Tropical food is bright and colourful on its own, but it really makes a statement when it comes served on a wooden cutting board. You can fit a variety of fruits, vegetables, and some types of meat, such as Caribbean chicken skewers. This is a perfect choice for some light bites to enjoy outside.

Coffee and Tea Service

Serve up tea and coffee on a wooden cutting board and leave your guests impressed! A wooden cutting board is big and sturdy enough to bring out mugs, a teapot or French press, milk, and sugar. It will keep any small spills and drips off your surfaces and is easy to clean afterwards. Pair your metal teapots and silverware with a wooden cutting board for a great look.

These are only a few of the ways that you can really jazz up any service with the use of a cutting board. Just one accessory can really make such a difference. Therefore, many restaurants decide wholesale cutting boards are right for them. If you think a cutting board will suit your style, then Wholesale Cutting Boards can help you find the right ones to make your guests go “Wow”!

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