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Woodworking Ideas for Beginners: Small House Fixtures and Decor

Starting a woodworking career is indeed a challenge because you are required to know a lot of information about it. Knowledge on designs, tools, techniques, and materials is important in order to come up with outstanding pieces that can be muted proofs of your genuine skills. However, if you are a beginner, you probably cannot work on just any project you want. Of course, you need to have a feel of doing simpler, easier projects that will allow you to discover things at your own pace and your own way. Here are a few beginning projects to help get you started.

Wooden Cutting Board

As a novice woodworker, there are several easy-to-do woodworking ideas for beginners that you can create without much stress. For your first task, you might consider doing a wooden cutting board, something that can be useful in your home. This may sound too simple, but this task will help you apply some theoretical knowledge with woodworking. This task will require you to measure, cut, and shape a piece of wood, ensuring the correct thickness, width, and length on every side. You can also apply a complex method of engraving or carving, which you can do on the sides of the cutting board as decoration.

Wooden Planter Box

Another project that you can work on as a beginner is a wooden planter box. This is not something to underestimate, since it will teach you a lot about cutting wood to exact sizes, as well as angles and joints. This woodworking task involves creating a box with an open top, which should be able to hold soil and a plant. Take note that you also need to make holes for the bottom so that water will drain from the box and will not flood the plant. You might find cutting wooden pieces for the sides easy, but creating holes will require intermediate skills because it will require you to use a simple boring tool.

Wooden Wine Rack

Once you feel you can do more difficult projects, you can start out with a wooden wine rack. Basically, the skills and tools needed are similar when doing a spice rack, with the only difference of making the rack bigger to accommodate wine bottles. In this woodworking task, you will learn how to shape wood with a router and create tight joints for the piece elements. It will also test your skills in finishing wood, since wine deserves a holder that is well-made and classy. This task will surely occupy you for a couple of hours, but you will forget all of your tiredness once you see the finished product.

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