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Woodworking for Beginners: Five Essential Tips

Beginning woodworking is something that can give many people lots of enthusiasm. The feeling of crafting wood to your liking – the feeling of turning a regular piece of wood into a masterpiece – is something that enthrals the minds of many of us so we turn to working with wood. Woodcraft, however, is something that should be done in a disciplined manner, especially if one is just starting in the field. So here are five tips that beginners can follow while working with wood:

1. Choose good tools for working with wood. Such tools include the following: saws (circular saw, table saw, jigsaw, miter saw), chisel, power drill, router, slander, power drill, and many more. When practicing using these tools, practice them in the context of woodworking. Ask for help from a seasoned woodworker. You can’t practice by simply reading a manual. If there are classes for free in your community or in the nearby hardware store regarding usage of these tools on wood, gladly attend them.

2. Attend a class for working with wood. A class will not only help you refine your skills in the craft. It will also make you know experienced woodworkers who have plenty of advice to pass on to you. You can also meet many other aspiring woodworkers who will become valuable contacts in the future. If there are no nearby classes, then find a more experienced woodworker and ask him to teach you.

3. Keep yourself and others safe. Wear safety equipment such as gloves, mask, and goggles. Wear the right clothing, and when you are wearing clothing with strings, be sure to keep these strings away from your equipment (especially drills). When changing blades for a tool, turn it off first if it is connected on a power source. If there are spills, clean them up immediately. Keep your shop safe too; clear out all hazards on the way. Finally, don’t leave tools unattended.

4. Make sure that you are working on a space that accords you full concentration. Such spaces should be clean, well-lit, and free of extraneous materials. Try to make the place as conducive to your craft as possible.

5. Practice all the time. Practice is the most established way of being a woodworker. There is no textbook method for it – you have to master your own woodworking style and be able to live with it for many years to come.

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