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Woodworking Bench – Woodworking Bench Plans

The first thing an avid gardener would need in his garden apart from beautiful plants is a beautiful garden bench. This is very important for one to sit and enjoy the beauty of the garden. The bigger the garden, more the benches would be required. If you are a gardener with basic woodworking skills then DIY garden benches are the perfect solution for enhancing the beauty of your garden.

First, search around for a variety of plans. You can go on the internet and find a number of plans available. Find the ones that interest you the most. Let’s say you want to go with simple for now as one of your small woodworking projects. Then you could try the Four Board Bench. That is what it is – four boards.

For the more adventurous who want something more complicated, why not build an arbor bench. I am talking about a beautifully designed bench and arbor combination. You can place soft plantings near it so that you can have them grow over the top of the arbor or locate them nearby. You get a feeling of comfort and relaxation with the arbor and placement of your finished piece in the right location in your yard.

1. You don’t need to be a woodworking genius to follow DIY bench plans.

So if you are keen to get into some woodworking projects a freestanding work bench is the way to go. Your plans will most certainly include one of these and you just have to select the one you like. There is not much choice as there is only one basic design and most are structured around this. It is designed to give you the best advantage when constructing your project and processing the various pieces of lumber. It will have a woodworking vice attached so you can hold the piece you are working on quite securely. There is nothing worse than a piece of lumber sliding about while you are trying to work on it. This can often lead to a chisel through ones hand which we want to avoid.

If the best quality wood like cedar and teak are used, then one would definitely want to protect it and not hamper its natural ability to repel moisture and pests. By painting over the wood it is getting covered for the best reasons for using this type of wood. So, if you are planning to paint then it is better to use any other type of wood. For teak it is advised to use teak oil and sealant that the shipbuilders use to keep their ships in pristine condition.

How about a woodworking workbench? Finally you can have a place to store your tools and equipment and a place to work. One neat feature is that the length is flexible so you can easily design it to fit in your garage. We are talking about a basic design that has plenty of work space, a large shelf and a perforated peg-board backing for hanging tools. Normally eight foot long, but you can customize it to fit your needs.

If you are ready to start into the DIY woodworking scene, you will need some basics. Once you have a nice collection of tools together you will probably be wise to buy a collection of project plans and patterns. These are quite cheap now and usually have hundreds if not thousands of designs for you to choose from. The first project you should start on is the woodworking bench. Your list of patterns should have one of these and it would be wise to make it your very first. For a start, it will be very handy for all other projects and it is a project that will allow you some degree of tolerance in quality making it ideal for the beginner.

So it is already an obvious fact that if you are going to make any worthy wooden master pieces, you will need to have woodworking benches in your shop. If you are going to try and do it without woodworking benches then not only is your work standard compromised but your health too. You will be working slowly plus very prone to accidents with the woodwork tools.

The bench can be made either in a simple design or a complex one depending on how good your basic woodworking skills are. Depending on how experienced you are the DIY bench plans can be selected. If you are a beginner the basic backless bench is the best option to start with.

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