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The Difference Between Laser Engraving, Etching and Marking

The Difference Between Laser Engraving, Etching and Marking

Inscribing your company’s name on gifts and giveaways, such as a hardwood cutting board, is a good way to market your products or services. However, making your mark in just plain ink becomes less effective since it will fade with time. If you want to ensure brand retention that will last, you need to learn the differences between wood laser engraving, etching and marking and when it’s best to choose one over the other.


Which Does What

Wood laser engraving involves the use of a laser beam that vaporizes material, resulting in indentations in the surface. On the other hand, laser etching uses heat that melts the surface, resulting in a raised bump on the exterior of the material. In contrast to these two methods, laser marking uses a low-power beam causing intense heat. This oxidizes the material, turning the surface black and producing high-contrast marks without destroying the surface.


Materials to Use

Engravings can be done on all types of materials, including glass, leather, metal, plastic and, most of all, wood. Laser etching can be used to mark metal, ceramics and polymers, while marking is mainly limited to steel and titanium metals, although it can be used on plastic as well.


Choosing One Over the Other

When it comes to personalization, wood laser engraving will be your best choice. Not only is it time efficient, engraving is known to withstand even on the most frequently used surfaces and cutting boards. This method is perfect for companies who want their logo to last.

This method is great for creating promotional giveaways and corporate gifting.

If you’re looking for a higher contrast when it comes to branding, etching is the choice to make. If you’re trying to identify your products without destroying the surface, laser marking would be the way to go.

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