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How to Make Use of Leftover Cutting Boards

How to Make Use of Leftover Cutting Boards


Looking for a new hobby that will help you earn something? Well, you came to the right page. If you have a lot of used wood cutting boards that you no longer use, know that you can transform them into new fixtures and furniture that you can easily keep for yourself or even sell! Have fun and make money along the way with these tips on what to do with leftover cutting boards.

Don’t Throw Them Away!

If you have purchased wood cutting boards by the bulk, you don’t have to worry about them going to waste as the possibilities are endless when it comes to wood materials. They are perfect for mass producing items you can give to your friends or sell for a decent profit. You can transform these leftover boards into useful and decorative pieces for the living room, dining room, and any other part of the house.

The Building Blocks for your Next Project

Used wood cutting boards are arguably the ‘best foundations’ for any type of project. All you need is some paint, cute fabrics, maybe a few trinkets or embellishments and you are ready to go. You don’t even have to be a professional to create a good item! With a dose of creativity and some help from DIY websites, you can make lovely items to sell for a few bucks.

Cute and Creative DIYs to Resell

The purpose of recycled wood cutting boards doesn’t end there. Here are some projects that can help you cash in – for just a small price:

  • Chalkboard: Remind people of their shopping lists in a unique way by creating chalkboards with your cutting boards. All you need is a bit of chalkboard paint and a cute border design to make this board a masterpiece.
  • Clipboard: Create a heavy-duty clipboard by installing a metal clip on the upper center part of the cutting board. Wholesale Cutting Boards offer laser engraving if you decide you want to create a border on your boards.
  • Tablet Stand: A lot of people use their tablets for watching clips or reading eBooks. Make their lives a whole lot easier by creating a tablet stand with your leftover cutting boards.

What’s good about re-purposed cutting boards is that you can buy them in bulk at Wholesale Cutting Boards and resell them as any of the projects mentioned above. Not only will it get your creative juices flowing, it could get some money flowing in as well!

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