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Getting your Warehouse Back on Track

Getting your Warehouse Back on Track

Warehouse management is more than just organizing stocks and making the most out of the vacant space. The holidays are fast approaching and you can expect a surge of orders anytime soon. If you want your team members to perform optimally, especially during your busiest months, make sure to follow these tips on getting your warehouse back on track.


Clean as You Go

Cleaning is a vital part of the warehouse that is often neglected. Many wholesalers don’t prioritize as much, but it can help streamline operations. Unkept aisles and storage areas can reduce the efficiency of your workers. If the warehouse in a mess, your workers will waste a lot of precious time searching for the things they need. Set cleaning times at the start and end of the day so your employees can work efficiently without any clutter.



Sure, your warehouse might be organized, but is the layout set up for finding and packing items quickly? If you are having second thoughts, you might want to consider reorganizing. Rearrange your warehouse by placing similar items, or those belonging in the same category together. Group items by colour, type, size or brand.

Take a wholesaler of cutting boards, such as Wholesale Cutting Boards. They group their high-quality hardwood boards by species and then by model to ensure finding them is easy. They then have multiple stations set up for the services they offer, such as engraving, oiling and shrink wrapping. Not to mention an area for boxing and an area to store supplies other than their products.

Another thing to consider during reorganization is the safety of your employees. Are the boxes stocked too high and might be at risk of toppling and falling down? Never cut corners when it comes to safety, as an unsafe warehouse can lead to increased employee injuries and other factors that can actually dampen your company’s productivity.


Count Inventory Regularly

Annual physical counts are important, but you don’t need to wait until that time of the year to check your inventory. Cycle counting is a good way to ensure adequacy of inventory. It’s a matter of checking certain inventory one wave at a time. You can do it every month or every three months. Doing so will notify you of gaps and pitfalls. Who knows? Your inventory of bestselling cutting boards might be lower than expected.


Clear the Rack

Are there a few remaining items that take up a lot of space? If you can use that area for products that yield higher profits, then put these few products on clearance. While the profit might not be as big as you would like it to be, the emptied nest can be utilized for bestselling items, such as hardwood cutting boards, that usually generate very high sales.

Warehouse organization can dictate the success of your business. If orders are received, packed and shipped promptly, you can expect additional profits for your company. As such, make sure to follow these tips so that your warehouse can run faster, and better, than before.

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